New Year charity action

 New Year charity action

New Year is a special holiday. Everyone looks forward to it: adults and children, healthy and sick, young and old. And each time hope for a miracle - even those who no longer believe in Santa Claus. But, perhaps, most of all hope for a miracle sick and old. Though they need the help of ordinary men and not of fairy-tale characters. 
To help everyone is an impossible task. But to take care at least of a few who are in need is not so difficult. The National Congress of Armenians in Georgia decided to make gifs to sick children and old persons. 
Ella Nazaryan (8 years), Maria Sarkisyan (7 years), Arthur Ter-Bagdasarov (13 years), Nana Nersessyan (23 years) and Gurgen Avakov (34 years). All these guys have the same diagnosis – children’s cerebral palsy. They can not move independently. 
Their life depends on a wheelchair if they have one. And if the family can not afford to buy an expensive chair then the lives of these children and their mothers' is doomed to suffering.  Many children could only dream that they could celebrate the New Year in a new wheelchair. The Congress presented them a New Year gift. Each of the guys got a new wheelchair. For these five guys with disabilities, this New Year became special! 
Our organization does not forget to take care of old persons. 
About thirty old men received Christmas gifts. The activists of the Congress prepared for them packages with the necessary set of products - everything necessary for New Year celebration. 
They say miracles happen to those who believe in them. Who knows, maybe in 2011 at least some dreams and desires of our children and old people will be fulfilled. And if not we are always there to help.


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