Armenia to host NATO Week

 Within the framework of the Armenia-NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), a NATO Week will be held in Armenia from Thursday to November 8, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) informed.  

Along the lines of this event, a meeting will be held with students at the State Pedagogical Institute, where lectures will be delivered by representatives from the Armenian MFA, US and UK embassies, and NATO. Also, a seminar will be convened devoted to NATO’s new partnership policy.   

In addition, the NATO Week participants will visit the Armenian MOD peacekeeping brigade, direct television contacts will be established with the Armenian peacekeepers currently serving in Kosovo and Afghanistan and for their families. The participants are scheduled to visit the MES Crisis Management Center, too. The NATO Week in Armenia will come to a close with a direct television-link roundtable discussion on NATO’s development and transformation issues.

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