Meetings in Tsalka

 The National Congress of Armenians in Georgia organized next exit action - this time in the Kvemo Kartli region. On December 3-4, the representatives of our organization visited Tsalka. They met with the representatives of local government and educational resource center. Our activists also met with the directors of the Armenian schools and talked with the local people. They discussed regional problems, ways of their solution and integration of the Armenian population in the active life of the region. Familiarized with the situation at the place, the Congress of Armenians of Georgia decided to hold in the medical program, which has recently been successful in Tbilisi. Furthermore, it was decided to give to the residents a free legal advice and counsel in legal and civil spheres. According to the chairman of the local Sakrebulo David Machitidze and his deputy Gocha Khachaturyan, one of the biggest problems the district is still poor knowledge of the state language. The Congress offered to open a summer school camp, where children of Armenian and Georgian origin will be able to communicate together, share knowledge and get acquainted with the cultural traditions of their people.


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