Millionaire Galust Gyulbenkyan’s mansion sold in Turkey

 The house of ethnic Armenian millionaire, philanthropist Galust Gyulbenkyan was sold in Turkey’s Kayseri town. The new owner of the house, Negip Dincer, is going to turn it into a boutique-hotel.


According to Turkish Sabah daily, the reconstruction of the building will launch as soon as the Cultural Values Conservation Foundation gives permission.


Architect Gevorg Ozkaraguz, representative of the Armenian community, said he is pleased with the decision as the historic appearance of the building will be preserved.


“Tens of mansions were destroyed in the region. This project will make the building stand. It is a historic achievement,” he said.
The attic of the building built in 1800 has completely collapsed. “The mansion has been sold for already several times. I have bought it from an Istanbul-based doctor,” the new owner of the building said.


He promised to preserve the initial appearance during the reconstruction. He said the reconstruction will cost 900 thousand Turkish lira. The new owner also promised that the building’s name “Gyulbenkyan” will be maintained.

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