September 15 declared pan-Armenian waste disposal day

 Armenia will host pan-national waste collection events on September 15 upon the initiative of the environmental movement the Let’s do it! Armenia.

The head of the group, Arsen Gasparyan, told a news conference on Monday that the idea is aimed at educating the youth, apart from sorting out the heaps of garbage in different places across Armenia.

“This is why we will primarily involve pupils in the activities as it is necessary to first of all educate children on keeping the country clean. We will then attract the youth and anyone who wishes to join us,” he said. 

Gasparyan said their financial means at present do not suffice to meet all the volunteers’ request. He said their volunteering initiative i not supported by any foreign funding.

“The business sector does not much respond to our event. We have a few agreements, but they are of preliminary nature yet. As for the government bodies, only the Armenian Police and the Ministry of Nature Protection have joined the movement,” he said.

The activist called upon the president and the prime minister to join and assist in their initiative.

“We expect the Government to support us materially, by providing tools and facilitating the waste disposal and transportation. As for the president, we want only his patronage. Many European countries see this event held under the president’s patronage,” Gasparyan said, adding that they have already sent letters to the president and the prime minister.

According to him, they will need 30 million Drams (about $75,000) and about 5,000 volunteers for implementing the plan.
Let’s Do It! World is a global environmental movement held across the world countries between March 24 and September 25.

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