Cleaning of Vere cemetery

               Outstanding Armenian public figures, scientists and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the development of cultural life of Tbilisi rest at Vera cemetery in Tbilisi. The cemetery was founded in the 30s of the 19th century and was originally a place for refuge only for the rich and noble people. Several crypts designed by European sculptors, which have architectural and historical value remain in the cemetery.
           At the initiative of the organization and its active members on 13 June 2010 were held cleaning works at the cemetery. People from different organizations took part in the cleaning. 12 abandoned tombs and crypts, of such important persons as Melik-Azaryants, Ananov, Yuzbashev, Gergidov as well as crypts of the honorary citizen-Namuradyants, producer of tobacco -Bozardzhants, linguist and armenolog - Shaan Dzhrpetyan and his wife Margaret Dzhrpet-Denis, an architect Gabriela Ter-Mikelova and others.
           It should be noted that such activities will be systematic and in the near future will be implemented across Georgia.





























































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