Medical program

   At the initiative of the National Congress of Armenians in Georgia on August 21, 2010 started a charity medical program, which provides medical care and consultations for Armenians from socially disadvantaged families.
  The program involves 10 Armenian doctors-volunteers of different profiles, who within the past two weeks, have consulted and examined about 50 patients. This action will take a systematic character and in the near future the doctors will also leave for regions densely populated with Armenians.
  There is another medical program for children of 5-16 with orthopedic diseases: acquired dislocation of the hip, post-operative trauma, clubfoot. Their treatment will be conducted at a leading clinic in Armenia.
Free medical consultations are held every Saturday and Sunday in the office of the organization.
Address: Tbilisi, 18 Atoneli str. Tel.: 93-64-29


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